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I became an interior designer because I love to affect the space we live and work in using both architecture and interior furnishings and finishes. These spaces impact how we live, feel and function in a powerful way.  When working on a client's home, I strive to bring out the unique qualities of their personal style, while balancing them with function. Interiors must work whether you are a family of six or a retired couple.  The home is often the center of our lives and there's no better reward than making that space exceptional.

I began my career working in commercial design for a large architectural firm in Los Angeles and Washington, DC. I worked on projects as large as a baseball stadium and as small as a lawyers office.  I studied green design and worked on many LEED certified projects. Designing public spaces can be challenging. Each project taught me how impactful the interiors were, especially when communicating a brand and demonstrating high quality.

Whether working on residential or commercial spaces, my clients all want the same thing: value for their investment and design that inspires. I started my own company in 2006 in order to deliver exceptional interior design and to develop long-standing client relationships. I wanted to help my clients avoid, costly mistakes by giving them professional guidance, options and resources. But I also wanted to give them creative design solutions they would have never thought of…solutions that would inspire them and make them enjoy coming home or coming into the office!

My portfolio includes designs focused on new construction, renovation and restoration. I have worked on a wide variety of projects ranging from furnishing entire homes to renovating kitchens & bathrooms to designing board rooms. I love a space with a strong design concept, using clean lines and beautiful textures. Exceptional design demonstrates timelessness, emotion, balance and utility.  Comfort is always essential.

If you spend most of your time at home or at work, shouldn't that space be extraordinary?

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