About Lotus Interior Design

After years of working in architecture and design firms, Betsy Delisi started her own company 15 years ago to provide interior design products and services for clients who want to invest in designing their home.

What does it mean to design your home? Many of us build or buy a home and make decisions and purchases for it without understanding how it will all fit together or whether it was the right size or will it last or withstand how we will use it? Often, we don’t have the time or expertise to make decisions that consider the whole space or see the opportunities to create something new. Many clients find it difficult to visualize their choices and feel stuck.

Lotus Interior Design is a full-service firm that works with clients to guide them through the entire process of building and/or furnishing a home. Our design process allows you to achieve your project goals while adhering to your timelines and budget. We have tools to help client’s visual designs in order to make decisions. We have cultivated relationships with the best in our industry, from furniture makers to architects and contractors– a value we feel honored to pass onto you. Communication, documentation and expertise makes for a successful project.

Lotus Interior Design services clients nationwide, with a focus on the greater Washington D.C. area. We have been listed amongst the Best Interior Design Firms in Virginia by Virginia Living Magazine.

Meet Betsy

As an interior designer, I am most inspired when clients tell me they never want to leave their home after the project is complete. It’s a privilege to design a person’s home, a space for refuge, celebrations and memories.

Our first priority at Lotus Interior Design is to create interiors that are both functional as well as aesthetically inspiring.

How do we do that? By following a design process to deliver great interior design solutions for the investment you’ve made.

Whether we are furnishing a home or building a new one, the process is the same and the outcome will reflect a home that explores your personality and supports how you want to live.

When we furnish, we love mixing colors and textures as well as brilliant fabrics and unique pieces to build a room. Finding interesting lighting and art is one of our favorite ways to make an impact. We play with scale and form to achieve proportion and balance in each room we design. We continuously work to push all design possibilities in order to achieve something truly unique. We love beautiful things, but comfort and function are always a priority.

One of my favorite parts of the process is to sit down with a set of plans. I love studying space to uncover the possibilities. Architectural elements, such as ceiling details, windows, trim and doors can transform a space. Finding beautiful fixtures and interesting materials for each project is what sets it apart.